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Tallulah Gorge GA

The Tallulah River is an hour and a half drive northeast of Atlanta, GA. This river is known as the Grand Canyon of the South for it's giant waterfalls (Hurricane, Ladore, Tempesta, Oceana and Bridal Veil) and the deep canyon they reside in. For the first two weekends every April and the first three weekends every November, the Georgia Parks Department allows kayakers to tackle the awe-inspiring gorge. With over 18 individual rapids, ranging from class 3 - 5, each dropping up to 60 feet, Whitewater Kayakers and Rafters keep coming back, year after year. To kayak this river, one must carry their boat down over 1500 stairs to the base of Hurricane falls, where they will slide into the current and run the first rapid almost immediately. Due to the Tugaloo Dam which dams up the Chattooga River and the Tallulah River, the tallulah ends with a 2 mile long lake paddle. Come along and watch as some weekend warrior recreationl paddlers tackle these rapids for a weekend jaunt.

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Tallulah River