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Bottom Creek 2007 Trip Report

Bottom Creek or Bottoms as it is referred to by the locals is an amazing whitewater resource. Bottoms is a tiny stream in the mountains of Virginia that just so happens to drop 830 feet in three short miles. It also just so happens to be located only an hour east of Virginia Tech. One of the numerous reasons Tech was my number one school of choice for my undergraduate degree. I got my first run on this gem of a creek on March 2nd and it wont be the last. Rob Tompkins did an awesome job shooting photos of everyone. There were 130 photos in all so I skimmed them down to the top 20 for your viewing pleasure, enjoy.


I have been doing a little Photoshoping recently. Enjoy

The first rapid on the run. Myself boofing through the Kettles


Sweet angle on MouseTrap

blind mice

Firing up 3 Blind Mice

The first large rapid is the Kettles. Here Nate boofs his way down the top drop.

Chance Lining up the second drop

Chris boofing the final drop in the series...

This is the Eye of the Needle. A Sketchy Mandatory Portage. Can you guess why?

At the end of a short pool below the Portage is Crash Test Dummy. Here Chris patiently waits on the boof stroke

Chance timing the stroke perfectly

Chris in the top drop of Zig Zag. Tricky little bastard

Preston has Zigged, now lets see if he can Zag

Sometimes you Zag

And sometimes you get Zagged

Numerous Jackings on this rapid

Stratton with one of the coolest pictures of the whole day

Scouting the Mouse Trap

Stratton showing us the line in the Mouse Trap

Chris is about to float into the lower drop of the Trap

Chance landing hard

The largest single drop in the run, Two Blind Mice. Aptly named after the two pioneers of Bottoms ran it blind

Preston styles it with a broken paddle

Pulling her back to the right

Bottoms Creek will be included in the ABP Paddling film titled 'Slave to the Rain'

Well that is my trip report. I want to thank Rob Tompkins for the amazing photos.
Awesome Light, Awesome People, Awesome Day.