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Chris Gorman
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Frank the Tank

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The Adrenaline Stare on the Little Stony.

Age: 22
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 Boats:

LL Gus and Pyranha S6f
Location: The Road

How did you start kayaking?
I started paddling when I was 14 at Falling Creek Camp in Tuxedo North Carolina right near the headwaters of the Green River. Back then I remember hiking into the Green river narrows and thinking how I would never kayak that, it's too crazy!

What type of paddler are you? A creeker or a playboater?
Creekboating is the game and Playboating is practice for the game. When I can't play in the game, I practice... I am able to get out McCoy on the New fairly often. The New river is my Gym.

What are your Local runs?
New River
I am currently a business major at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia where I enjoy local rivers like the New and the Gauley.

Favorite River ?
Little Stoney, Bottom, Horsepasture, Green

Best Kept Secret?
Little Stoney and Guest River Gorge in southwest, Va

Future Plans?
Graduating, Looking for a Job in the IT or Kayaking Industry. Any Suggestions? In the Meantime,
Paddling in the Southeast filming "Slave to the Rain"

Additional Info:
Start Stumbling Now

Filming is my passion. Kayaking is my passion. Put those two together and step back...

autoboof kayak

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Age: 22
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185
Hair Color: Red
Boats: LL Space Cadet and Jefe
Location: Columbus, GA / Athens, GA
Fact: Banking is Fun

Who are you?
My name is Sean Thompson and I am from Alpharetta, Georgia. I started paddling when I was about 8 years old on the Nantahala River with my Mom and Dad. I have gotten on a couple more runs since then, but only one or two.

What are you doing?
I love to kayak, and it has brought me to many special places that I think most other people will never experience. Currently, I am attending the University of Georgia where I am majoring in Finance. Hopefully, next summer I will be traveling to California, I only need the money!

What is your favorite run?
My favorite run is the Little White Salmon right near Hood River, Oregon. Pristine water, easy shuttle, beautiful scenery, and big drops all come together to make this a special run.

Additional Info:
Kayaking is one of my true passions in life, and I intend to push my limits and learn more about myself in future paddling trips. I love to laugh and have a good time. Plus, it's all about the journey.
autoboof kayak
autoboof kayak

holly smoking hot shuttle bunny

Holly Mann
'Smoking Hot Shuttle Bunny
Age: ??
Boats: Toyota Sequoia
Location: Spartanburg, SC
Fact: Likes it Dirty

Coming Soon to a Shuttle near you
autoboof kayak

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Age: 19
Weight: 160
Boats: LL Jefe
Location: Hendersonville, NC / Blacksburg, VA

Coming Soon
autoboof kayak

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Age: 19
Weight: 165
Boats: Pyranha Kayaks
Location: Franklin, NC

How did you start kayaking?
For me, it all started in the summer of 2002, when I was thirteen. I went to a week-long camp in Bryson City, NC and bought my own boat the next week after I came home. Its been quite a journey!

What type of paddler are you?
A creeker or a playboater?
Ive done it all. I started with playboating and did that for a few years. I always saw creek boating as something I knew Id love but I wanted to do a little of everything. I got into downriver racing for a few years and paddled in some big competitions on several US teams, but recently decided to drop racing because I dont have the time I used to spend working out. The last couple of years I have spent creeking. I dont see my focus changing anytime soon.

What are your local runs?
Im incredibly lucky to live where I do. The Cullasaja River is my home run, and where I really cut my teeth creek boating. Living ten minutes from the Lower is really nice, because I can easily get a few runs in before or after class when the rains are here. I also live very near the Chattooga, Nantahala, and the Jocassee areas,so I boat there frequently.

Favorite runs?
Raven Fork, Green at 200%+, Lower Cullasaja, Toxaway, etc

Future plans?
My sights are currently set on getting through nursing school. Some kayaking, biking, and climbing thrown in would be nice.

Additional info:
I love doing whitewater photography. Im learning all the time but am already selling photos. Most of my customers are parents/family of racers or paddlers who I get a particularly good shot of, but I have been known to sell some photos to Canoe & Kayak Magazine as well. If you need an outdoor sports photographer at a reasonable rate for assignment-type work, or are interested in purchasing prints, please get in touch and Ill be happy to send some samples your way.

autoboof kayak

dirty dave

Age: 76
Weight: 175
Boats: WaveSport Habitat

Left Nipple: Pierced
Location: Hickory, NC

Coming soon...
autoboof kayak

clinton koontz

Age: 26
Weight: 205
Boats: Dagger Nomad, Riot Astro

Location: Charlotte, NC
Fact: Learned to paddle at the USNWC

How did you start kayaking?
How did you get started? A few beers and then a duckie trip down the Nantahala in June of 2006 had me hooked for good. The next weekend I bought a boat and all the gear on the spot. I'm really not sure what the hell has happened the last two years but it's been fun.

What type of paddler are you?
A creeker or a playboater?
I enjoy playboating, but it's really just something to do when the creeks aren't running.

Local Rivers?
I'm in Charlotte, so there really aren't any. But, I must admit to spending countless evenings after work during the summer at the USNWC here in Charlotte. It's a great way to stay in shape and work on things when the rivers are dry. I also have to credit that place with allowing me to progress so fast.

Favorite Rivers?
Upper Big Creek, Green Narrows, Watauga, and any river I'm about to paddle for the first time.

Additional info:
I enjoy constantly challenging myself ? mentally and physically, seeing new places, and just getting outside and being away from everything. Kayaking provides all of that. There is nothing like that feeling you get when you're on the river and NOTHING else matters.

autoboof kayak

nick david kayak autoboof

'Certified BadAss'
Age: 20
Weight: 165
Boats: WaveSport Habitat

Left Nut: Missing
Location: Boone, NC

Fact: He has two first names

Coming Soon to a Boof near you
autoboof kayak

frank the tank

'The Tank'
Age: 2
Weight: 30

Location: The Road

Fact: Likes to Party
Fact: Chris and Holly's Love Child